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Accessible supercomputing, data analytics and AI training with industry context​​

​​Our EXPLAIN training programme is designed to enable individuals and businesses to take full advantage of digital technologies to enhance processes within your organisation and provide the skills that enable you to thrive in a digital economy. 

As part of this work, we want to hear from you to help us understand which courses you are interested in attending. We also want to hear about any courses you might like to attend in future that are not currently part of our offering so that we can work to develop courses that address industry need.

Whether you’re looking to get to grips with the basics as a complete beginner or are further ahead in your journey and searching for new tools and techniques to apply, we offer a range of courses suitable for every learner.

GDPR notice

We collect your data through surveys administered via STFC’s nominated secure survey platform. The information we collect about you, we limit to only what is necessary depending on the nature of the survey or the event in which you have participated.

To review how we use the information we collect about you and how long we keep it, please follow the link.